Penumbral Code of Conduct

1. Respect and Tolerance
All members will treat each other with respect, regardless of any socio-economic status. We promote a stress-free environment for members to relax and enjoy the game. We are a diverse population of gamers from all backgrounds. It is mandatory for all of our guild members to show absolute respect and tolerance to each other and our allies.This includes but is NOT limited to: race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or political affiliation. On the forums, in ventrilo/mumble/teamspeak, in guild chat, during guild events, and in any social outlet that could be seen by others, all members will cooperate with each other and treat each other well. Failure to do so will lead to a reprimand or immediate dismissal from the guild, depending on the severity of the incident.

a). Members will not speak poorly about each other to other members. Gossip and 'trash talk' behind a member's back will NOT be tolerated. The punishment for this can range from a warning to removal depending on the severity.

b). Posting links on the forums or in mumble that lead to websites that can cause harm to a person's computer or browser (example being 'Rick Roll' threads, links with trojans, and links with keylogs) will be treated harshly by the officers. Posting these links with the intent of causing harm will be treated as a maximum violation.

c). Any attempts to deceive for personal gain will be met with great consequences and will be treated as treasonous behavior against. This rule does not apply to Role-Play. This rule only applies to out of character interactions. However for in-character interactions expect repercussions for your character.

2. Profanity
This is a mature-minded guild. Profanity is allowed. We only ask that you keep language at a generally socially acceptable level.

3. Discretion with Guild Issues
Anything that is a sensitive matter (membership conduct, major guild developments) should not be broadcast 'at large' to the world. We expect members to respect the intimate nature of the guild's internal affairs. The Officers are more than happy to address any members concerns as long as they are brought up through privates messages on the forums or isolated discussion through our communications systems. Not only does this allow us to address your problem quicker and more efficiently, it prevents fights and emotional debates from erupting. Failing to use proper discretion with issues you have may result in disciplinary action. Members have no need to fear repercussions from the officers for reporting code of conduct violations he/she observes. The leadership offers full immunity to any person who comes to them with reports of violations of our rules.

4. Respecting the Community
Leadership does not condone the unprovoked harassment or griefing of other players, friend or foe. All friends and allied partners/guilds will be treated in a cordial manner. Reasons for betrayal can be role-play in nature and/or for more literal reasons. This rule applies to diplomatic relationships only.

5. Respecting the Officership
Respect for the Guild Leader and Officership is required within the community. If they tell you to do something, it is purely for the benefit of yourself and the Guild. While we do not expect you to like us and are not here to boss you around, we aim to do our best to serve the community and uphold its rules. No Officer will make you do something unreasonable, and if they try to, bring it to the Guild Leader. The Guild Leader has an open door policy. If there are ANY issues, you can always talk to her. 

6. Expectations of Officership
Representing the guild as an officer is a privilege that requires a lot of responsibility. It is your job to help enforce the rules and maintain a safe and respectful environment. Members may come to you with personal complaints or issues in confidence, and should always be met with respect. All private discussion between officers, and any issues or complaints submitted by members, should not be shared with other members or non-officers. This includes any disciplinary actions, complaints, or disagreements between officers. If you are found to be abusing your power, including unnecessarily kicking users from our teamspeak or harassing members, you will be disciplined and potentially removed from your position at the Guild leaders discretion depending on the severity of your actions.

7. Republic Alts
Due to the legacy system, members are allowed to have Republic alts. You will not be granted activity credit should you spend most of your time on your Republic alt.

8. Multi-Guilding
While Penumbral happily accepts members from other guilds, we ask you respect your place here and at least give us the benefit of your time and activity. We do not want to be a guild just to park your alts that you will not play and fail to be a part of our community. We allow unlimited alts to a degree for dedicated members but ask that those coming to us and not using us as their MAIN guild still try to be active. IF the characters are placed into the guild for story purposes, please let officership know to avoid removal. Many of us have alts in other guilds and understand how hard it is to juggle so many characters.

9. Erotic Roleplay
Roleplay can lead to adult situations, often one of those situations is sex. Cyber sex, ERP (Erotic Role Play between characters only), sexual explicit behavior, and other drama causing behavior associated with role-play will NOT be tolerated IN PUBLIC when wearing the Penumbral guild tag. That means if you and another consenting adult decide to have your characters engage in that kind of RP, do it in PRIVATE. Years of experience have taught us how volatile it can become and we do not want to build that type of reputation for this guild, regardless if we possess adults. If you partake in this type of behavior, please take it to the confines of your ship, stronghold or keep it in private messages. We want you to feel free to RP what you wish, but we also have to consider our reputation on the server, not just to RPers but also the PvEers and PvPers. Under any circumstance should members force sensitive situations on a fellow guildmate.  If you are unsure whether a particular action you may wish to act out IC is questionable to our rules, please speak to an RP officer.

a). Often times, there is a long list of problems that occur from romantic, flirtatious relationships that start between people in the guild. Though we will not hinder such relationships between characters or members and most certainly don't have a problem with them, we know that a majority of them start out via role-play and romantic in-character relationships. These relationships, the vast majority of the time, lead to one of the two parties taking it beyond their role-play and beginning to take it much too seriously, almost always leading to heart-break and drama that the leadership has to clean up. If this happens it will be handled swiftly and in a simple manner by leadership. Those involved will be given a choice. Either a). They talk out the problem and fix it. Or b). Whoever is causing the said problem will either voluntarily leave the guild or be made to leave the guild if they cannot "cut" the rope that ties them to the other individual.

10. Activity
Upon joining, members are expected to maintain a reasonable amount of activity. We prefer members not simply be a name on a roster and be involved with the community. Members that have gone inactive for over 30 days will be subject for removal. If you will be gone for longer than two weeks, we ask you post a leave of absence on our forums or contact an officer.

11. Promotions
Once your application is accepted, new members are placed in a trial phase. During this phase, members are able to access larger portions of our website and participate with the rest of the guild in events, major guild storylines, warzones, operations and will also gain access to our teamspeak. After a month has passed and you have proven yourself to the Officership, you will become an official member of our community. Recruits are expected to adhere strongly to guild policies during their trial process. Promotions are held once a month.

a). If a Recruit fails to meet the promotion criteria for the rank of Full Member within 3 months of registering on our website, they will automatically be removed. If removed, the individual may reapply for membership upon a successful showing of their intent to actually become involved in our community.

b). If a member has received an official warning/strike during any phase of their membership, they will be barred from receiving a promotion during that promotion cycle depending on the severity of their actions.

12. Breaking the Rules
Disciplinary action within the community follows a three strike policy. The first strike includes a specific and detailed warning from Officership. The second strike may include a temporary ban on certain guild perks as determined by the Officership, whether it be access to our teamspeak, posting on our forums, or attending events. A third strike is a permanent removal from the guild. If the member shows good behavior after 1 month of receiving a strike, the warnings are reset. This policy does not protect those in their Trial phase (Recruits). Since the trial membership is a probationary period, behavior that would normally result in a warning will result in removal instead.

Officership reserves the right to bypass the three warning policy in severe breaches of the guild rules. Actions such as, but not limited to, hacking, severe harassment, theft, tampering of guild systems, threats, or stalking may result in immediate removal and banning of all guild access.

If the Player continues to cause problems for the guild (harassment, overall bad behavior towards Penumbral) We will enforce an IP ban. Further actions may be taken if harassment continues.